The best German TV shows streaming in 2020📺

Watching TV shows can be a great way to improve or maintain your German. Here’s are a selection of German language TV shows that you can stream right now!


Released in August, this TV thriller follows a young medical student as she becomes involved in the illegal biotechnology and gene manipulation.


The final series of the this gripping sci-fi time-travel thriller was released earlier this year to rave reviews and managed that oh-so-rare task of ending things on a high. A must-watch for anyone with penchant for the unnatural.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Ever wondered what would happen if a lovesick teenager started flogging class-A drugs from his bedroom and inadvertendly became one of the contintents biggest drug dealers? This offbeat comedy series should have you covered!

The Last Word

Starring one of Germany’s most famous comedians Anke Engelke, who tries to deal with the sudden passing of her husband by becoming a funeral speaker. Has drawn parallels with Ricky Gervais’ ‘Afterlife’ due to sucessfully merging comedy, drama and emotion.

Deutschland 83 + 86

‘4… 3… 2… 1… Earth belooooow us’

Nailed It! Germany

The weathers getting colder, there’s a bake off on tv, you’ve got a craving for baked goods and a hankering for hearing some German? Well scratch that itch with the German rendition of amateur bakers serving up dog’s dinners. Perfection.

A Perfect Crime

Netflix’s first German documentary, this four-parter explores the assassination of Detlev Karsten Rohwedder, a German official in charge of de-nationalising former East German companies, in 1991.


A new spin on the best-selling novel ‘Das Parfum’ about scent & serial killing: At boarding school, a group of friends bond over their passion for scents (yep.) Years later, one is brutally murdered and disturbing secrets are revealed when the police try to find out who the killer is.

Bad Banks

The award-winning German-Louxembourg thriller series is set in the world of global finance. The young and rising investment banker Jana Liekam finds herself trapped in a vortex of corruption, greed and blackmail during a deadly battle between two rival banks.

You Are Wanted

In this twisted cyber thriller, Matthias Schweighöfer, one of Germany’s best-known actors, plays a young hotel manager from Berlin. He is made responsible for a cyber terrorist attack and tries to prove his innocence by finding out what really happened.

Dogs of Berlin

The Netflix production starts with the murder of a famous Turkish-German football player. Two young cops try to find the murderer whilst confronting the chaos the killing unleashes within the Berlin underworld.


The six-part miniseries was a big hit in Germany. Set in Berlin during 1988, it tells the story of the orphan Ida, who starts working as a nurse at the famous Charité hospital where she finds romance as well as an inside look in to the cures for tuberculosis.

The Same Sky

This miniseries from 2017 is set in Cold War Germany and tells the story of the relationship between an East German “Romeo” agent, a spy who uses seduction as a way to find out information, and his female target in the West.

Helen Dorn

This crime drama following the cases investigated by Detective Inspector Helen Dorn and her partner Gregor Georgi as they conduct interrogations, track down suspects and unearth secrets in Düsseldorf and around.

Point Blank

Thrilling crime drama telling the story of a friendship between an undercover cop and a small-time crook that is both deep and treacherous, pitting loyalty and truth against one another

Deadly Money

When a top banker falls from a roof at the pinnacle of his career, a bitter battle erupts between his employer and his widow in this slick German thriller exploring tensions in the financial industry

Shades of Guilt

Haunting German legal thriller in which defence lawyer Friedrich Kronberg aims to tip the scales of justice in favour of those he represents as he probes complex cases that span various timelines.


Described by German weekly WELT as ‘breathtakingly good’ and ‘Germany’s best TV series’, this six-parter is centered around a former boxer who returns to Berlin’s underworld in attempt to halt the forced gentrification of his neighbourhood.


Long-running German crime series ‘Tatort’ (crime scene) has been a weekly mainstay on German TV screens since the 1970s, with each episode following detectives in a different German city or town.

  • ‘Inspector Borowski’ (featuring Sibel Kekilli who starred as Shae in Game of Thrones) is set in Kiel. ➡️Watch on All 4
  • ‘The Mind of a Murderer’ is set in Dortmund. ➡️Watch on All 4
  • ‘Inspector Falke’ is set in Hamburg. ➡️Watch on All 4
  • ‘Nick’s Law’, also set in Hamburg, starring Til Schweiger. ➡️Watch on All 4

Hotel Adlon

Dubbed the German answer to Downton Abbey, this lavish three-part historical drama set in the prestigious and tradition-steeped hotel in central Berlin. spans a 90 year period from 1904–97 gives viewers an an insight into Berlin’s turbulent history; from the end of the German Empire, the World Wars and golden twenties to the Cold War and the city’s separation.

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